CHRISTINA AGUILERA – “I’m Ok” VH1 Storytellers (REACTION) Part 1

Beautiful lyrics and heartfelt story. One of the best emotive interpreters in the business… LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE for more of your favorites 🙂


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  1. please reac to Christina Aguilera Smile ( michael jackson tribute ). make a speciall with singers child PERFORMANCES ( Christina singing THINK on the Mickey Mouse Club ). Singing Sunday Kind Of Love, Black Velvet

  2. Christina Aguilera – Keep On Singin' My Song (studio – there is no live version – play it until the end, after some silence, there's a silly goodbye :)) You'll love that song and her vocals!

  3. This is the type of song that suits her voice. Not everybody can sing successfully everything. The pain she can show with her voice when used with certain restrain is great. Like in this song. She at least definitely has soul, unlike some other perfect technicians 🙂

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