Eddie Trunk slams praise Lady Gaga gets for doing things for heavy metal 9.20.2017

Eddie Trunk’s newsman reads quote that Lada Gaga had done more for heavy metal over the past ten years than anyone else, and Eddie Trunk criticizes it.


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  1. Metal fans are so strange. They're so judgmental and protective over what they think metal is. There's a reason why you're mad at Lady Gaga. There's always anger towards things you know deep-down are true. It's just one of the stages until you reach acceptance. Lady Gaga almost exclusively listens to metal. That's just her thing. As someone who operates a news page for her, thats viewed by millions of people, I know what she's like. I've even had communication with people who have stayed on the same hotel floor as her, and all they hear is Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Zeppelin being blasted 24/7. She's not saying she's done a lot for metal, other people are saying that about her. Why get mad at her? She's constantly hard on herself, she would never compliment herself like that. If you're able to put your testosterone aside and be open minded towards a successful/powerful woman such as her, you'll see that she has a voice made for rock. She has a low, raspy voice. She was in a Zeppelin cover band for two years before she blew-up ten years ago. Just open your mind is all I ask of you, she's a fantastic versatile performer and vocalist made for rock. Stop acting like experts and demeaning everything that you don't like.

  2. the metal community doesn't need "help" from gaga or anyone else outside of the genre. she (and others) are only inspiring fashion, in turn their fans might go buy a metal shirt and that's it. we all know for decades the classic black ramones shirt has been bought by people who don't even listen to them.

  3. That actually explains a lot because last year in school I kept seeing all these kids who I know listen to rap wear Iron Maiden and Metallica stuff it confused me like why would they want to look like someone they are not but now I know it's because these pop stars and rappers are doing it

  4. Gaga whether the metalheads like it or not is the real deal. She was at Julliard, she knows music, but of course she couldn’t possibly be recognised as that by a metal fan. The article is of course mince, but there’s a few bands could do with her to write them a decent tune

  5. Eddie is spot on. Love the podcasts. Also to the people that criticize Eddie, Hey, he knows his shit. That is the industry he has lived and breathed all his life! He doesn't blow smoke about the industry he has a passion for. Every artist he knows, he has gotten to know and or be friends with through the many years of doing his job. If he happens to go off on certain artists for ridiculous things, he has the right just like anyone else on this planet that is entitled to their opinion and 99 percent of the time is dead on right about. I love how these other web based channels rank on him because they have nothing intelligent to talk about so they take the easy route and try to trash someone who has great credentials in the industry. They are all just jealous, plain and simple!! Thanks Eddie for all you do for hard rock and metal music.

  6. The music industry is dead…and I mean dead…nobody buys music anymore..there will never be an era where bands like Van Halen sell millions of albums and fill arenas with 20,000 people ever again …these so called artists are grasping at straws trying to keep themselves relevant in a dying entertainment industry that has injected politics into everything they do instead of concentrating on music…

  7. I know it's easy to say, "If you're a fan of metal, make metal album." Mr. Trunk, you need to remember that the music industry is ran by people who don't give a fuck what genre you like. It's filled with people who take truly talented people, & force them into making the albums THEY think should be made. Because it made them a shit-load of money when another artist did it. There is no musical freedom by anybody anymore because the artists don't get to write anymore. It's the same two producers that write the same shit over & over again, & then force artists into recording it, & claiming that they wrote it. The artists don't get a choice in what they make.

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