GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO Official Trailer (2017) Lady Gaga, Documentary Movie HD

GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO Official Trailer (2017) Lady Gaga, Netflix Movie HD
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  1. Let me get this clear. So in order to counterattack being called a Madonna ripoff by everybody since she started her career she did her own "Truth or dare" movie ? LOL Gaga or what ever your name is, please get help for your mental issues. Its been 6 years since this was a thing and everyone has moved on years ago. It's just sad that you have so much in your life and yet you focus on this bullshit. It's embarrassing. You are unstable and obsessed with Madonna.

  2. The money she once had is now finished and now she found a new source for income. This will be a flop. These singers have just 2 years of a " great " life and after that you hear nothing about them. No fame, no popularity, nothing. Maybe some news that they died of overdose …

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