Javier Bardem & wife Penelope Cruz star in Loving Pablo – clip

Javier Bardem & wife Penelope Cruz star in Loving Pablo Hating Escobar – movie clip. Javier plays the Colombian cocaine drug lord & Penelope plays his lover TV reporter Virginia Vallejo.

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  1. Es increible el repentino enamoramiento que tienen los gringos con Pablo Escobar. Me imagino el centenar de colombianos y colombianas que se deben sentir ofendidos por la notoriedad que está recibiendo una figura que les trajo tanta desgracia.

  2. Makes absolutely no sense that a film with Spanish actors and a Spanish director, about a Colombian drug lord was made in English. I don't even need to watch the film to know how awkward it will look. Having watched the brilliant Narcos, this is pointless

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