Jennifer Lawrence on Mother!, Donald Trump and climate change

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the world’s most high-profile and successful actors, talks to Jackie Long about hew new film Mother! She also gives her views on the environment, the gender pay-gap, and the current state of affairs in the United States of America.

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  1. It is about time to delete comments. This is no longer a useful discussion. The rightwing went full SJW and are cultishly twisting her words around to come up with the most offensive interpretation possible. It is malicious. Reasonable people know what she meant and the context of her comment. The rest is hateful noise.

  2. And this is the reason why we don't follow celebrities in your moronic stupid idiotic ways you cannot blame one person for a hurricane he not God's they only human beings and he is your president t moron

  3. Donald Idiot pulled out of the Paris agreement. Global warming is real, people just don't want to deal with this inconvenient truth. You are well spoken Jennifer, and a fantastic actress, can't wait to see your movie!! Very intelligent, and you are not just an actress, you have a voice and are taking full advantage of your platform. Much love to you always and keep up the good work!!❤️❤️❤️ So funny to see Trumptards coming out in force to bash on this amazing woman. Not her fault you idiots chose a moron as your president. And NO, it's not about the money, it's about equality. Trumptards are so retarded like their momma Trump. They need to remain stupid, I like them better like that.

  4. Lol. She meant that because climate change, in large part is caused by people… people should change to help. But what we did was elect Trump… who slowly but surely is ending preservation attempts. Because he thinks climate change is bullshit. … she's not crazy, people just aren't smart enough to understand what's implied so plainly.

  5. This must be on the top 10 dumbest shit Ive ever heard. I had to pick up my jaw from the floor after this one, I didnt expect a hollywood star to be very bright, but this…. yeah I didnt expect it!

  6. "The only voice that we really have is through voting."
    *False*. You have your own footprint on earth and you can help against climate change by reducing it.

    There are various ways like using public transport or a bike instead of your car, avoid using airplanes, recycle, buy local products, save electricity, etc. that can help you reduce your own footprint.

    Voting is for stuff concerning companies using legislation (among others). Public pressure can help there too which does not involve voting.

    Regardless who won the election, nothing would have changed. Climate change has long lasting effects and it is not resolved within months. It also only makes stronger and more violent natural disasters more likely to occur. Even without climate change, nothing may be different and Irma and co still would have existed even to this extend.

    Saying that our "only voice […] is through voting" is ignorant coming from anyone and dangerous coming from a celebrity. It's another excuse to do nothing against human-made climate change and instead keep on living as wasteful as we do.

  7. My god. people! What the heck are you talking about? What she meant was: people influence climate by building huge nuclear factories and stuff like that. And most of the people are the ones who can't change anything, and only way to change anything is to make a right person to do it, vote for that person. And phrase "mother nature's rage" is just a figure of speech, isn't it! People love to hate. ANd if you have any consciousness you gotta be objective, think it through, pause, listen again, instead of jumping to conclusions. It so easy isnt't it

  8. Actors prove time and again they are skilled at one thing – and that's it. Stop listening to them about that which they are not educated on. I mean, would you ask Richard Dawkins for a movie review? Donald Trumps opinion on crisps? Usain Bolt on which is the best Vacuum? Somehow doubt it.

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