Kim Kardashian West Guest Co-Host – Kelly & Ryan


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  1. What a leach. The woman has never done an honest day's work in her life. Then if willing to get f***ed by a rapper for the $$$. She's the very definition of a gold-digger. Don't let me get started on the closeted, sycophantic, Ryan Seacrest.

  2. I use to like her but everything about her is fake I know thats what the world has become but I am so done watching anymore of fake people no hate just bored hopefull the trend will change and someone new will be all natural and it will be the bomb hurry up that someone!!!! P.S I ONLY WATCH TENS SECOND OF THIS AND I CAN SAY WHAT EVER I WANT!!!!

  3. hair touching: Obviously nervous
    long sleek hair: could be a treatment
    makeup: her artist didn't prepare for this type of lighting. They should have added more highlight, less matte, and less eyeliner.
    This also goes for the whole outfit, it's better to have lighter makeup, fabrics, and hair in this type of lighting.

    give her a break! she's so soft spoken and sweet.

  4. That was rude of her to say that girl needs a makeover. She was gorgeous and her hair was gorgeous and Kim made it seem like a bad/dirty thing and just wants to cut it all off. She loves knocking people down.

  5. Kim gives girls who thought they had no skills and those without education hope of becoming something. Not everyone likes everyone unfortunately but take the best page out of her books and do better with yourself

  6. She was kind of entertaining…. but it made me mad when she wanted to give that rupunzel girl a makeover and cut all her hair off. I was like… obviously she likes having long hair and she doesnt want to cut it. What makes you think shes just gona be like, ok ive been growing my hair for 15 yrs but ill do it….

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