STASH by Sarah Jessica Parker | PERFUME REVIEW ''Hidden Gem'' 🌟

Hello Frag lovers. Continuing our ”Hidden Gem” Fragrance series. Today we’re taking a close look at STASH. A Celebrity type fragrance that totally blew my socks off. This is a fantastic scent, that smells like an expensive NICHE scent and performs amazingly – DO NOT sleep on this one…


WHAT are your TOP 3 favorite CELEBRITY scents!? Drop your comments below and let’s start a little conversation…

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  1. I have the hair and body oil elixir. I found it in Marshalls by coincidence. I knew it was special at the time and I read SUP instead of SJP. I paid $7.00 for it. Later I found I saved over $45 bucks! I found it in the men’s grooming section.

  2. sarahs stuff is great and some of it is very different..i like covet…i managed to snag a 100ml of stash but this scent never came to canada…i guess i will smell original..

  3. some of my faves are stash of course….rebelle f leur by rihanna ..madonnas truth or dare another a very good heavy tuberose frag thats just divine.and lasts..and michael bubles invitation…

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