The REAL Reason Christina Aguilera Is SUPPOSEDLY “”The Voice Of A Generation””



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  1. ONE AND ONLY to execute those runs with emotional directions+ gifted voice tone (when it's goofy when it's airy when it's low when it's high or a grawl….       wherever she resonates the sound, it has a sellable quality) she has issues in high and mix but hey aint no other singer can so far haha3분 전•

  2. Grammy Aretha tribute 'aint no way'was not the best performance of her(resonance issues.. ) but her vocal stamina there is insane. how can her voice cracks but continue to do all those runs at one breath! like she dont need to breath at all. I still dont get it.

  3. Am I the only one who listens to her SO much that you know exactly where she's gonna go with her ad libs even if its live, lmao. Damn I love voice so much, when the hell is she gonna drop this album.

  4. absolutely hate when she does this 1:13, love this 1:09, not enough of this 3:39, 5:59 I'm so confused how NO ONE was able to just say, "hey…this song already exists, it's called Ain't No Way, and there ain't no way we're gonna let you sing it like it's some brand new ish, you're embarrassing yourself." 7:41 VERY interesting, ditto 9:19, 10:14 and 11:39 classic, 11:50 one of a few downloads off that album that no one else seemed to mess with, LOVE 12:45, 13:03 oh okay! she sounds juuuust like my favorite non famous singer right here,13:20 CLA…freakin….SICK, 15:18 FINNA GO DOWNLOAD DISSSS, 15:35 eyeroll wooooow way to make me feel that lyric, Christina 16:03 "hay! HEY! HAAAAHYYYAYAYAYAYAY!!" 16:23 If I could only use one clip to describe Christina to a future generation, it would be this one.

    Great job. You're always so thorough! I'm a casual listener and even I can tell.

  5. She really does have or had an exceptional voice. Great natural agility, capable of great musicianship and possessed a great vocal range. But she's really messed that up with her stylistic choices. One thing I can admire about her voice is her beautiful timbre. In the low-middle, theres a creamy, lachrymose quality to it her voice which is exceptionally gorgeous.

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