Toxic – Britney Spears – Breeze Redwine – live

live version of Toxic , at home in my living room, just me and a mic , Breeze xx


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  1. Sweet cover of a very sweet song full of soul and perfectly sang still say you have one of the sweetest tones in a voice ive ever heard and this from a Living room like wow xo: ) wish i was there xoxoxo

  2. My (admittedly dodgy) memory is telling me you`ve done this one before, and my recollection is that very good though it was, this is even better. More subtley, more finely nuanced, and several shades superior to Ms Spears in her over produced video of the song in the early 2000`s.  Love your key changes and tonal variations here Breeze – so very well premeditated and carefully thought through!   (^_^)  xx

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