Tragic Details About The Olsen Twins

The Olsen twins walked away from Hollywood to create a fashion empire, and they did it all while maintaining an impressive level of privacy. But it wasn’t easy work, as it turns out, being two of the most famous twins on the planet is more challenging than you’d think.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fame was sort of an accident. Their ascent to American media royalty apparently wasn’t planned by any means, even if they did grow up in the San Fernando Valley, which houses Hollywood’s upper echelons. According to Rolling Stone, the pair’s mother sent a photo of the twins to a casting agency that was represented by a friend on a total whim, charting a course to show business before they were even six months old.

Since infants can only legally work about 20 minutes at a time, the twins were seen as potentially being a living, breathing, two-for-the-price-of-one deal. They got the job, but that doesn’t mean they liked it.

John Stamos is the first to admit that the Olsens became a tough sell, and he even tried to get them fired. He told Entertainment Weekly that they cried a lot, which sometimes made work difficult. At one point, they were actually recast, but for whatever reason, the new arrangement didn’t work out. So the Olsens were re-hired.

Even then, The Washington Post reported that Mary-Kate ended up filming most of Season 1 herself, because Ashley was reportedly too afraid to come on set at the time. Maybe she was just mad at Stamos for trying to put her out of work.

In truth, neither of the twins particularly enjoyed their acting careers, at least not in retrospect. In a 2010 interview with Marie Claire, Mary-Kate revealed that the pair felt like, quote, “little monkey performers.”

In a heartbreaking reveal, she told the outlet,

“I look at old photos of me, and I don’t feel connected to them at all…I would never wish my upbringing on anyone…” Keep watching to learn Tragic Details About The Olsen Twins.

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They never asked for this | 0:20
The final countdown | 2:04
Mary-Kate Olsen’s intervention | 3:05
Spencer Pratt sold them out? | 4:33
Asking for help | 5:30
Dropping out | 6:51
A tragic death | 7:57
Retreating from fame | 9:01
Sued by workers | 10:17
Mary-Kate’s bitter divorce | 11:45

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  1. I remember Seventeen Magazine listed then as the biggest teen actresses of early 20s bc they really are. Left and Right movies everywhere.

    This is the list btw: posted on 2006 (lol i know im old).

    1. Olsen Twins
    2. Lindsay Lohan
    3. Hilary Duff
    4. Amanda Bynes
    5. Raven Symone
    6. I forgot
    7. I forgot
    8. I forgot
    9. I forgot
    10. Anne Hathaway

  2. They're really lovely, it's sad that they had to deal with creeps in the industry. I'm glad they turned to fashion, something they love.

  3. There is something about them, they have this 'I'm so over this life' and look a bit souless. Like perpetually jaded and worn out 50 year olds.
    No offense intended, maybe its just their genes that give that expression to their face, and they are not like that at all. Also they are beautiful women.

  4. I saw them in a park in LA when they were 3 or 4 years old. It was a very hot day and they were dressed up in long sleeved, high necked purple velvet dresses. They were being paraded around by two poorly dressed Hispanic nannies. I remember feeling so sorry for them and wondering where their parents were.

  5. Mary Kate is not aging well. It's all that cigarette smoking. Cigarette breaks down collagen. That's why her face is so gaunt compared to Ashley. Plus Mary Kate has crows feet giving her the appearance of smaller eyes.

  6. I'm an older woman but the Mary Kate and Ashley detangler for hair was a great product. Can't find it any longer but it was great while it lasted. I think these two were adorable babies turned beautiful wemon. I hope life is everything they wanted for them selves.

  7. I remember when my dad told me he heard on the radio that they were joking about how the Olson twins just turned 16 and it was legal to sleep with them. I was 13 and thought that was very disturbing.

  8. I felt bad for them, and I will admit I was a huge fan I was even in their fan club and had all of their movies. I still really like them. I always just wanted them to be treated like humans. I think sometimes people forget they were put in this hollywood world at such a young age.

  9. I’ve dealt with creeps I. Everyday regular life growing up. I am within that generation and I am Not Surprised. At all…..I Love These chicks absolutely. I grew up with them they are so cute!

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