Brittney spears is a man exposed


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  1. Ok @ 3:20 what's going on with the back?! Don't just say spine, cuz it reminds me of lady gaga video where she had the weird spine suit lookin like a creature. Creepy

  2. Facts are in the pudding. There is NO WAY you can be biologically female with a straight back! Your back is arched because your pelvis is tilted forward so you can carry babies. Basic biology-anatomy. Non believers need to pick up a book and turn off the TV. Great video. Keep them coming.

  3. Lol stfu. All woman are different. If u remember she did drugs in the past which causes people to look older after. Britney ain't a man idiot. U give no proof what so ever. Until she is examined by a doctor and not and idiot like u who doesn't know shit about her I along with other right minded people will still believe that Britney Spears is a gorgeous woman

  4. The reason why all these female celebrities need so much plastic surgery is, because when they hit their 30`s, the male hormone testosterone kicks in and they start to look more and more masculine as they age. Cosmetic surgery is a way to try to reduce the effects of male aging process, that would without the procedures reveal their true genders fully to the entire world. If it wasn`t for the plastic surgery, everyone would see that these people are a total reversal of the genders they were born into. All the most successful people in Hollywood are transgenders. This is the Satanic New World Order Baphomet-agenda.

  5. You are delusional and you are a youtube channel full of a false tranny witchhunt. These are real woman please stop spreading lies of these females and get a real life!!

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