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Cardi B Is Sorry For Hosting A 37-Person Thanksgiving Party In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Thanksgiving looked a little different this year, because, for the first time in ages, the fighting wasn’t over politics or who had to sit on the card table chair with the wonky leg (at least not more than usual). Mostly the biggest fight was whether you would be having a safe CDC-approved celebration at home, or whether you were going to gather at Aunt Janet’s house three states away and swap airborne germs in the dining room with your relatives. That second option might end up putting a whole lot of grandpas and grandmas on ventilators so naturally there’s been some side-eyeing of people who threw huge family gatherings on turkey day. Like Cardi B, who hosted more than three dozen people at her place, despite being told by health professionals to not do that. Well, guess what, Cardi is now sorry for doing that.

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Written by Allison

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