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John Legend Called Out “Your Former Favorite Rappers” At A Biden/Harris Rally

While performing at a campaign event supporting the Biden/Harris ticket in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last night, John Legend took a moment to call Donald Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black America “nothing but fool’s gold” and then went in on “some of your former favorite rappers,” like Lil Wayne, for falling for that shit. John went on to say “The president isn’t strong, he’s a coward.” Ha! Goes to show what he knows. Would a coward call notorious gangster and all-around scary dude Lil Pump, “Little Pimp” TO HIS FACE in the same tone used to call a shy kitten over for a sip of milk? Because that’s just what the president did in front of a crowd of hundreds of unmasked supporters, so you tell me, who’s a coward now Mr. John Legend!? Lil Pump might be all of 4’10″ and 98 pounds soaking wet (76 lbs after his locks dry) but he’s earned his respect the hard way— on the mean streets of Copenhagen.

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Written by Mieka

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