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Lana Del Rey Swears Her Mesh Mask Was Actually Lined With Plastic

Last month, Lana Del Rey showed up to a public book signing wearing the kind of face mask that looked like it came with a warning that read: For Decorative Purposes ONLY, due to it appearing to be made from mesh only. It was the kind of stunt that no doubt had every other celebrity’s publicist sending an “I’m Sorry Your Client Does Dumb Things With Their Mouth” sympathy card to Lana’s publicist (or, re-sending, as the case might be). It was the same mask Lana wore on the cover of a recent issue of Interview. It’s one thing to throw caution to the coronavirus wind on a magazine cover, but it’s entirely different to wear a mesh mask when you’re coming into contact with other people during a pandemic. Lana knows about all the side-eyes her mask choice caused, and she would like everyone to know her mask wasn’t breaking safety protocol.

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